All I did today was type up a list of things I had to do. And then convince myself that I could start those things tomorrow, instead of today. 

During ballroom dance class

While learning the waltz turns:

Teacher: “You don’t want anyone to be leaping like a gazelle!”

Student: “…. Isn’t that a bible verse?”

My partner: “Yea!”

Me: “Yea, I think it’s from Song of Songs”

Student and partner: “Oh yea!”



The Meme of our Years.

this post is beautiful

Ignorance. Ignorance is the #1 thing that bothers me in this world. Ignorance. 

Ignorance. Ignorance is the #1 thing that bothers me in this world. Ignorance. 

The calm before the storm

It’s been only a few weeks into this new semester, and it’s already drastically different from all my previous semesters. A good amount of my friends left after graduation, and as a super senior, I know feel a bit odd when in social settings.

Introducing myself as a super senior never becomes comfortable. I’m not ashamed or anything, but I can tell from faces that I’m now “old”. In addition, I actually feel old as I find it hard to keep up with the crazy no sleep schedules of the younger students… But in this new position, I feel like I’m able to see things in a new perspective. Having been through all of college pretty much, I feel like a grandpa who is watching his grandchildren at play… 

I found a new group of friends this semester (which isn’t meant to replace my current/old ones) that I am hoping will help me grow further in my faith. I also want to give good advice to the younger generation before I leave. But I can still feel that weird feeling of being older than pretty much everyone… 

It’s also weird to realize that within these few months, the REST of my ENTIRE life will be decided pretty much. Where I will work/live, who the last people in college I meet will be, and what kind of person I will be when I leave college will be decided. It kind of scares me to realize that this will all be over so soon, when it feels like I was going to be here forever. But my hope is that I will leave college as the man I’ve always wanted to be, and leave good wisdom all around. 

On a side note… I’m starting to think about marriage… Yes I’m young and have time.. But it would be great to meet the girl I’ll marry this semester.. Unlikely. BUT that would be a great end to college and start to the rest of my life. Now accepting applications?

Interesting Facts About Spirited Away



I was so scared of watching this movie when I was a kid, because deep down I understood what was going on, but now this confirmed why I had so much fear for an animated movie.

Learn more about Japan’s human trafficking problem:


I wonder if this is what my dog thinks…


Tomorrow is my last day of work. Since its a 9/80 schedule, alot of the coworkers don’t come to work tomorrow. So I said some last goodbyes today at work, including my awesome boss.

Such sadness… LA and Tesoro will always have a place in my life. 

Worst breakup ever. :[[[

But who knows? maybe I’ll be back at the same place full time!





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I see kids like 6,7,8 years old, come into McDonald’s and get an entire Big Mac meal for themselves, super sizes fries and coke. It makes me sick. Do you want your kid to die? “Oh he just has a big appetite! He’s a growing boy!”


Your child is hungry for real food and you’re feeding him his goddamn imminent death.

I hate this because it’s so fucking true. By some point, it’s the family’s fault that some people are big, and then when they’re like 20 they have to fight all these bad habits alone, because parents won’t really help as teenagers, even though they might attack their sons/daughters about it.

wow this was hard to watch but its extremely important. kids absorb everything. and if bad habits are around them then that’s what they’ll think is ok. when you have a child, you are responsible for their well being just as much as their own because you are all they know