I want to go to museums just to do this… 


Lifeguard Would Save Drowning Man, But Who Is He To Play God?


the only photo set that actually matters on this stupid website


the internet summed up in one gif set

Expectations Vs Reality

this hurts my heart

Although Germany did win fairly (and without mercy), you can’t make fun of these fans… True love of the sport. 

Now you know!

Unless you buy the premium products of Shell, Exxon, Valero gas, it makes no difference. 

All the gas made from refineries that meets the required specifications for gas, such as sulfur content, water content, mercaptans, etc etc, is sent to a distribution terminal where it is mixed with gases from elsewhere. That’s right.. Your lovely and exquisite Shell gas is mixed with everything else. 

So unless you’re getting the premium product, which most people don’t, go for the cheapest one because you are not getting higher or lower quality gas. 



Also, companies can buy the rights to sell under a certain brand, which means not all Shell or Exxon gas is made by them, except for the little bits of additives added onto the premium product (which again, not many buy). 




So go buy gas at those shady cheap places! Yea!


Inmates and their crimes

That steam sale….

i have no words…..